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10 seconds to finish your eye look

You will always find interesting new makeup products in CitySuper. It was true every time I went there. Today I found this.

Another innovation (perhaps) from Japan. Basically, it’s an eye mask. Unlike an ordinary eye mask that leaves your eyes in good condition, when you peel this thing off, it gives you COMPLETE EYE MAKEUP.

It’s called “eyemajic” (yes the “j” is not a spelling mistake) and costs HKD40 for a pair. According to the DM, (which is a crappy one believe me. It’s a thin, double-sided piece of paper in Chinese) eyemajic is

1. the FASTEST way to finish your eye look. (well this one I believe it)

2. For those women who have already given up their daily makeup routine due to messiness/time-consuming/difficulty in finding the right color, 60% resumed to apply makeup once again because of eyemajic. (Wow! I wonder who did this survey?)

3. No additional tools needed. Color combinations are carefully selected. (the colors are not bad. Look at the pics. But what about undereye?) Long-lasting.

4. Use mineralized eyeshadow. Packaging is environmental friendly. (This is a plus)

At first glance this product seems quite interesting. But then on second thoughts, I love to mix and match and create my own look. And I enjoy the procedure rather than the outcome. I think it will be attractive to busy business women and maybe once in a while you need a flawless look for some formal occasions and you are a makeup newbie, this thing will come handy. Neither category fits me well.

It’s lunch time so there is no assistant around. I would very much like to ask whether I can reuse it (probably not, but HKD40 for a one-time thing is too much for me) and whether there is a FACEMAJIC for a complete face makeup!

End up I did not buy it.


  1. April 23, 2009    

    I like your makeup posts! I was also tempted by the mineral makeup and eyeshadows but I look bad with eye shadows – not sure why! So now I just use liner!

  2. April 23, 2009    

    So glad you like my post! It’s fun to play with eyeshadows. You can try beige/light colors.

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