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Make your own foundation with Everyday Minerals free samples

I have quite a collection of Everyday Minerals foundation SAMPLEs. I ordered the sample kit 3 times to find my foundation color. If you have already ordered a sample kit from everyday minerals, you would know this means I have collected at least 15 sample jars. If you haven’t, go ahead because the sample kit is FREE.

Now that I have found my color, I need to deal with the pile of sample jars.

Sample Pyramid

Another Sample Pyramid

Cat face

Good thing is you can mix mineral foundations. In fact the manufacturer encourage you to mix and create your own shade. So I decided to make some shades that work for me, and also to get rid of some sample jars.

It’s quite simple.

1. Select a darker sample and a lighter sample. Pour a little of both on a dry wiping tissue paper and blend with your fingertip to test the colors.

Fair Medium is my color. So I picked Fawn (lighter) and Light Medium (darker)

2. Compare the new color with your ideal foundation color. Replace with darker or lighter samples and repeat if not satisfactory. You can even use 3 or 4 samples to get an ideal color.

Top Left to Right: Light Medium, Fair Medium, Fawn
Below: Blended Light Medium and Fawn. It is close to Fair Medium but a little too yellowish. So I added Medium, which is too red for my skin tone when used alone.

3. Pick a mixing jar. Make sure it is dry and clean. Pour the samples in.

I use this “orange” jar. It’s originally a hand cream jar. I saved the container after finishing the hand cream. Btw, I had a whole fruit family of this Japanese brand. They look so real!

4. Stir with the little spoon that comes with your day/night cream. I have this one with my Dr G cream. Stir for a while (or two if you use Intensive formula. They tend to stick together)

5. Pour the mixed new foundation into your favourite powder compact. I just bought this LOVELY Mary Quant powder compact yesterday.

6. Put it in your pouch and DONE!

I used three Everyday Minerals samples in my foundation: Intensive Light medium, Original glo Fawn and Semi-matt Medium. My foundation looks exactly like my Laura Mercier Tender Rose. I am gonna call my shade “RITARDED”

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