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Trip to Shanghai in May 2009

From Hong Kong to Shanghai: A meal and a nap away

SMT: Shanghai Maglev Train RMB50 for a single journey from airport to downtown Pudong in 10 minutes. Show your boarding pass and you will get RMB10 off. If you travel alone, it’s much cheaper (and faster) than taking a taxi.

301Km per hour. It can go as fast as 430Km/h. Can you believe it? The seats are not so comfortable as you have to sit face to face with strangers.

What would you get if you had only 40RMB in your pocket? Drinks and snacks of course.

Pepsi Max: Never seen this in HK. It says “no sugar”, but it tastes sweeter than Coke Zero.

Metro Railway: Found all screens in a cart rebooting again and again. Mr. C said it’s an example of infinite loop.

Century Park

Caution! Slip?

Lunch in a fancy restuarant close to the Bund

The view from the restuarant can’t be found anywhere else

When modern meets tradition

Delicious chestnut tart. Crispy outside, soft and chewy inside

The End

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