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Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow: from pigment to cream

I never paid for Everyday Minerals Eyeshadows. But I do have some sample eyeshadows and I don’t want to waste them. They are all mineralized pigments, so I guess they should be applied “wet”. Well I tried that but after a while the color wears off, much faster than MAC pigments, and the shiny dust is everywhere on my face. Urr… Recently I found another way to make the pigments more “creamy” and easier to apply. It also stays longer in hot summer.

Here is what I use

Everyday Minerals Christmas Carol (I received this eyeshadow last christmas as a gift. Nice shade of greyish green)

MAC fast response eye cream (eye primer)

DHC rose treatment oil (essence oil; can be applied on face and body)

Pour out some pigment. Use one drop of the essence oil. Squeeze some eye cream as well and stir with an eye makeup brush. That’s all.

DHC rose treatment oil: You can use pure olive oil or anything else you have in your skincare drawer. The bottom line is: don’t risk it if you are not comfortable applying it on your face. Although it’s only one drop, remember it will be applied directly to your eyelid. You can skip the oil if you have very oily eyelid.

The MAC eye cream is actually a transparent eye gel. You can use other eye gel/eye designer cream instead but make sure it’s sticky enough.

Look at the difference. Now it’s much better.

Left: with water (and I did swipe several times to get the color show)
Right: with essence oil and eye cream

I love playing around with everyday minerals…


  1. sherry's Gravatar sherry
    July 3, 2009    

    The process looks funny, but to tell the truth, I prefer the color on the left side,hehehe…

  2. July 4, 2009    


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