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Time for tea ~ pretty little cakes

TG3050 Cake Assortement

After the “jam pots” project, I am not so happy with the 18ct pure white aida. I bought half yard of 36ct ivory linen for my TG projects.

It works like a wonder.


Stitched on zw 36ct ivory linen.

From 1 to 28 December, 2012, this project took me roughly a month.

I’ve been marking the days….





First piece: chocolat, should be a cream puff with chocolate filling.





Second piece: Marasquin, though it looks to me more like a lamington.

What is marasquin? According to wiki, it’s a cherry-flavored, clear liquor. The little cake is in a lovely pink color. I wonder how it tastes?


Third piece: tarte au fromage, strawberry cheesecake it is!!

The last two pieces: fruit tart and chestnut tart (or apple custard, not sure.) Look how vivid the color is.

It is very tempting to stitch this pattern in a cold winter day. I gained a few pounds recently and I know why. ^ ^






  1. Les's Gravatar Les
    September 17, 2013    

    Your TG pieces are gorgeous ! How did you do them ?!

    I am preparing to stitch TG 512 on 40ct linen, and am quite jittery because of frequent colour changes. Hence, this search online to see experience of others who have stitched TG designs.

    Did you use 1 or 2 strands of thread on your 36ct linen ? How did you cope with the very frequent colour change ? Did you use a hoop ?

    Hope to hear from you.


    • September 17, 2013    

      Hello there,

      I used one strand of floss on both 18 and 36ct fabric. Don’t worry about the color change. It won’t give you bits and dots here and there. For me it’s quite fun to stitch TG pieces.

      I didn’t use a hoop coz my fabric is lightly starched. That depends on your distributor. 36ct linen is usually very soft and supple so I do suggest you use a hoop.

      Good luck with your project.


      • Les's Gravatar Les
        September 25, 2013    

        Hi Rita,

        Thanks for assuarance ! Now I feel better about my up coming TG flowering cherry. Looking at your beautiful TG pieces, I finally am convinced that 1 strand is good for 36ct/18 ct – such good coverage on your pieces !

        1 strand coverage and frequent colour change has been my anxiety since the day I received the kit. The kit came with a piece of very stiff 36 ct, so I decided to stitch the design on a zweigart 36 ct or 40 ct, both of which are so so elegant.

        Again, thanks so much :)


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